NCL, Inc. League Hours Review


Meeting Credits:

  • Chapter Meeting Credits – Patronesses will receive 1 Chapter Meeting credit for each Patroness Meeting she attends if she RSVPs on the League calendar.  Each Patroness is required to have a minimum of 5 Chapter Meeting Credits for the year (April 1st-March 31st).

  • Grade Level Meeting Credits – Ticktockers will receive 1 Grade Level Meeting credit for each Ticktocker Meeting she attends if she RSVPs on the League calendar.  Each Ticktocker is required to have a minimum of 6 Grade Level Meeting Credits for the year (April 1st-March 31st).

    Annual Required Event(s) – These specifically are:

    • Kick-Off (typically in August)
    • Mother/Daughter Tea & Style Show (January or February)
    • Senior Recognition and Awards Banquet (April)
    These three annual meetings are required for each Patroness and Ticktocker to attend unless excused by the Hours Manager.  Each Member will receive League hours as well as a Chapter Meeting and/or Grade Level Meeting Credit IFthey RSVP on the League calendar. To receive an “excused” absence, a Member must email the current Hours Manager stating their reason for the absence.

    League hours
     – These are hours that Members spend at a Patroness or Ticktocker meeting.  In order to receive hours and meeting credits for these meetings, you MUST RSVP on the League calendar.

    League Hours (Committee Work) – These are hours that a Patroness or Ticktocker spends on a certain project (like the Tea or Style Show).  It can be attending a meeting or independent work at home.  These hours must be entered in the by the members themselves through the Philanthropy TAB.

    Examples of earning League hours – Committee Work:

    • Attending or preparing for a Board Meeting
    • GLADs attending Ticktocker Meetings
    • Any GLAD or Ticktocker doing work on computer at home preparing for meetings
    • Any Liaison working on placing shifts on the calendar
    • Any work or meeting that the Advisors have in regards to the Style Show or Senior Recognition
    • Any committee work in planning for Ticktocker Day events
    • Any committee work in planning for Kick-Off
    • Any Patroness work in planning for Patroness Meetings (Hospitality or Programs)


    Philanthropy hours – Cherokee Rose Members are asked to volunteer at scheduled opportunities on the League calendar with our affiliated charities in mother/daughter teams to earn hours towards fulfilling their annual requirements. These hours have to be entered in by the members themselves through the Philanthropy TAB, even if they have signed-up on the League calendar. When logging in your hours, you must check the modifiers that apply like Mother/Daughter and Off-Site and/or On-Site.

    To review these hours, go the “My Reports” TAB and download a “Detailed Hours” report.

    To view or print out a report:

    1. To to the MY REPORTS tab


    3. Select  Philanthropy or League from drop down menu

    4. Start date 4-1 to 3-31   (NCL’s calendar year)

    5. Select your name or your child’s name

    6. Run

    7. Click on DOWNLOAD

    Off-Site hours
     are volunteer hours that a Member has spent away from the actual Philanthropy campus (like making casseroles for Pine Pointe Hospice at home or shopping for groceries for Daybreak)

    On-Site hours
     are volunteer hours that a Member has spent at the Philanthropy campus (like helping serve meals at Rescue Mission or volunteering for a shift at the Jay’s HOPE race)

  • Good Standing Requirements

    Per our Bylaws, members shall fulfill the following requirements by March 31, 2017:
    1. Patroness attend a minimum of 5 regular meetings (5 Chapter Meeting Credits) and TTs attend 6 meetings (6 Grade Level Meeting Credits)
    2. All Members attend 3 required events
         a. Kickoff Meeting (August)
         b. Mother/Daughter Tea and Style Show (January or February)
         c. Senior Recognition and Chapter Awards Ceremony (April)
    3. Hours
         a. Patronesses complete 10 Philanthropy Service Hours and 10 League Hours
         b. Ticktockers grades 7 & 12 complete 10 Philanthropy Service Hours and 10 League Hours
         c. Ticktockers grade 8-11 complete 15 Philanthropy Service Hours and 15 League Hours

    * You may complete as many Philanthropy hours as you would like, however, you can ONLY count 5 OFF-SITE hours towards your required minimum (above) to stay in Good Standing in NCL.  You can view your hours in detail through the “MY REPORTS” TAB.

    4. Pay Annual Dues and Fees

    Hours Completion Deadline –  April 1st

    Each member must post their hours monthly to the Chapter website.  All hours earned from April 1, to March 31, must be entered for all members by March 31st, the Hours year end.    The Hours Manager & Committee will use the hours entered to calculate members Good Standing status and awards to be presented at the Senior Recognition and Chapter Awards in April.