Leadership Development

Both Patroness and Ticktocker Members have the opportunity  to engage in experiences that build essential skills, such as confidence, consensus and team building, event planning, conflict resolution and parliamentary procedure.  Activities of our chapter include Monthly Patroness  and Ticktocker meetings, planning and attending our Annual Tea & Style Show, Kick-Off Meeting and Senior Recognition & Chapter Awards.

Each patroness and ticktocker holds a leadership position each year.  Positions range from elected board positions to committee positions to event chairs.

Additionally, members are exposed to inspirational leaders in other areas of our community.  Our keynote speakers have included Dr. Ninfa Saunders, the first female CEO of Navicent Health of Central Georgia, Betty Cantrell Maxwell, Miss America 2016 and Lauren Cook, “The Sunny Girl” a former Ticktocker and PhD Candidate from UCLA.

As future leaders, we continually strive to build stronger ties with our communities and the individuals within them. It is through this understanding that we grow and develop broader worldviews that will shape and support our lives. We celebrate our history through traditions that honor the past while serving the future.  Cultural Events that our members have participated in include tours of local museums and attendance of live performances and local festivals

Annually our chapter hosts a Mother Daughter Formal Tea and Style Show.  These events are planned by our Ticktockers and their Patroness Leaders. In 2018, NCL inc introduced a new Tea and Etiquette Curriculum designed by Myka Myers, renowned etiquette expert and owner of Beaumont Etiquette.

Class of 2024 Officers

Lauren Cook “The Sunny Girl” speaks at 2018 Kick Off “NCL Made Me”

Cherokee Rose Members create blankets for the Beverly Knight Olsen Children’s Hospital NICU unit through Project Linus on Ticktocker Day 2018

Ticktockers enjoy NCL Day at The Macon Bacon Game

2018/2019 Grade Level Advisors