Our Chapter History

NCL, Inc., Cherokee Rose Chapter was founded in 2013 with Stacie Hill serving as it’s Founding President.  Mothers (Patronesses), who are the members of Cherokee Rose, team up with their daughters (Ticktockers) in grades 7-12, to serve our community through volunteering with local philanthropies in the Middle Georgia area.

Since it’s inception, NCL, Inc., Cherokee Rose Chapter has increased it’s membership to approximately 217 active members who have formed partnerships with 19 local philanthropies in our community.

Stacie recalls, “Volunteering side by side with my daughters has strengthened our relationship and our love for the Macon community.  All of our NCL, Inc. Cherokee Rose daughters are learning about Macon, identifying solutions for the needs in the community and expanding their friendship circles.  I am especially proud that our Chapter developed and implemented The NCL Experience, a 6-year program for our 7th-12th grade daughters, committed to community service, leadership development and cultural experiences.  This program changes lives not only of our members but the citizens that we serve by inspiring and empowering women to succeed as confident, well-rounded and socially aware contributors in the Macon community.”


Stacie Hill, NCL, Inc., Cherokee Rose Founding President with her daughter, Shannon, at the Inaugural Senior Recognition and Awards Banquet

Cherokee Rose Founding Board Members
NCL, Inc., Cherokee Rose Chapter Founding Board Members